New Release: Rails 5.0, pause/resume monitors, full-featured API
Sep 02, 2016

We have migrated to the latest Ruby on Rails version 5.0. Ideally, it should not affect users, but give us the foundation for further realtime features development.

Now our API supports all functionality like “Reset stats”.

Plus new ability to pause/resume monitoring per host.

Please, send us a feedback via contact or a feedback form. And stay tuned!

From whiteboard sketches to working service
Sep 01, 2016

This is how UptimeGuard looked like in February 2016 :)

Whiteboard photo

New release: Developers API, Let's Encrypt, monitors limit requests and stats export
Aug 15, 2016

We are glad to present you the next release of the UptimeGuard monitoring service.

The major feature of this release is the Developers API. Now you can take the full control on your monitors via the API and integrate UptimeGuard in your service. Not all functions are implemented in the API right now, but we work hard to bring it all in the nearest time.

What’s else new:

  • Added HTTPS certificate via Let’s Encrypt. Great practice an experience for us, plus good information security feature for you!
  • Advanced monitors got a lot of improvements: optional redirects support and basic authorization
  • Optional public status page (for example:
  • Also special embedded version public status page (for example
  • Now you can reset all the stats for monitor
  • And export latest status changes via RSS, CSV or JSON feed. Per each site or for all in the account.
  • More communication features: contacts form and monitors limit increase forms

Nearest plans are to work further in API development direction to make a full featured gate for all UptimeGuard functionality. This will allow us to switch to SPA frontend and use the same gateway for any mobile or integration app.

Also stay tuned to get even more statistic and site performance analytics in the feature with UptimeGuard!